Do you feel like your in a rut?

Do you long for more excitement, and more adventures?

Do you look back at your life and see that you are in the same ”spot” you were 1 year ago, 5 years ago?

Are you tired of struggling paycheck to , unable to get ahead?

I was.

That all changed a few years ago when I started reading inspiring blogs online and taking action on what I read.

I made some changes, took some chances, and learned to live my life more intentionally.

Lalita and I at the Santa Rita Maya Ruins in Corozal BelizeSince then, I have:

Hiked over 300 miles.

Started a new career path.

Hiked at the Grand Canyon.

Moved to another country, Belize.

Lived on the beach for a month for free.

Had everything I own soaked with water.

Lost everything and had to start over again.

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Traveled overland for 4 months throughout Mexico and the U.S.

Moved to another state, from a small town in Michigan to Houston, Texas.

Realized that most of my life I was spending my money on stuff, and that didn’t make me happy.

Saved up enough money in 7 months of work, to take the next 6 months off.

Hiked some of the most beautiful locations in the U.S., Mexico, and Belize.

Had someone try to save me, while learning to body surf.

Talked my way out of a traffic stop in Mexico.

Swam in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Caribbean.

Dealt with a spider the size of my palm.

Learned over 500 words of Spanish.

Explored ancient Mayan ruins.

Learned to live without a car.

Biked over 1500 miles.


Learned that failure is just a step on the road to success.


This blog is about my journey through life. Sharing what I have learned through my successes and even my failures.

Learning to enjoy what you have, finding ways to give that little extra every day to make your life extraordinary.

Leaving the supposed security of the United States, for the adventure, and experiences of other places and cultures.

I have a lot to learn yet, I am just starting my journey to a more joyful life. As I live, learn, and grow, I want to share my journey with you.

My life is not better than yours, It is just a better life for me. Find the better life for you and start living it.

My interests are all over the map, and my sense of humor can be a little “corny”, but I think you will enjoy this journey.

I may be able to help you and I am sure you will be able to help me.

Things I am working on right now:

Freedom Income – Developing a portable, work from anywhere income to allow me to travel, where and whenever I want.

Moving Overseas – Finding a place in the world to call home.  We love Belize and this looks like the place for us to call home.

Legacy projects – My legacy projects, a family & friends retreat and a business start-up, funding, support, and training center.

Managing my money – Becoming frugal not cheap.

Living Overseas – Living in a foreign country, the culture, the friendships, the adventures.

and much, more.


Blogs that not only inspire me, but challenge me.

Discover Share Inspire

Mr. Money Mustache


Smart Passive Income

Live Your Legend

I Will Teach You to be Rich

Screw the Nine to Five

My Wife Who makes this all possible?

I say “I” and “me” alot in this blog because I am writing it, but it is my loving wife, family, friends, and you my readers, that support me that make it possible for me to continue this wonderful journey each day.


I may make money off you. Many of the links on this site are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you click on or purchase something. If I refer you to a good insurance agent I may also get a referral fee. If you don’t want me to make money from you, that’s fine, just don’t click any ads or ad links. I’ll make sure that you know which links are ads. I also don’t handpick the ads displayed on the website, so I am not endorsing or recommending a product by having an ad for it on my website. With if I do recommend a product I will specifically tell you, and the reasons why.

I am a licensed in the state of Texas as a general lines insurance agent qualified in Life, Accident, Health & HMO, Property and Casualty.

Before you take action on any of the advice or information I give, it’s best to talk with your friends, accountant, family, insurance agent, God, financial planner, pets, or lawyer. I will not be held responsible for any losses, damages, stress, strife, sleepless nights, or any other bad stuff that may happen. I of course will take full responsibility for all the good stuff, joy, smiles, laughter, peace of mind, etc…

Connect with us:

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I plan on reviewing comments, and posting a couple times a week, so keep checking back for more adventures, and little life lessons.

Check out my privacy policy here.

I look forward to sharing my journey through life with you.



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