We’re Back

We’re Back

We miss Belize
We miss Belize

Were back, online that is, and we are working on getting back to Belize.

Since we’ve been away …

Went back to Michigan to see our granddaughter, to visit family for the holidays, and my parents 50th wedding anniversary.

It was the wrong time of year to visit Michigan.  Boy was it cold, and everyone so was busy.  It was such a shock compared to Belize where the pace is so much slower and people’s schedules were pretty much wide open to see friends.

Drove from Michigan to Texas …

After the holidays we stayed for another month for some family events, and we even considered staying in Michigan to earn some money to get back to Belize, but the economy is still recovering and very slow.  So we decided enough was enough of the cold and tried racing the cold on our way down South, we lost.  We wanted to see the Mammoth Cave National Park but when we got there the roads going to the park were closed due to snow.  They were saying the worst blizzard in 10 years.  We spent a half day in Nashville, and enjoyed some live music, but a lot of things were closed because of the snow and ice so we continued on toward Texas.

The weather broke enough for us to enjoy a day on The Natchez Trace we camped, hiked, and enjoyed many of the wonderful views.  It was a much better drive, longer, but so much more rewarding then the highway would have been.

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Living in Texas …

Earning money to continue our travels and go back to Belize.  Our original plan was to travel and visit many countries to find the one place we wanted to (retire) live in.  First we traveled overland throughout Mexico in 2013 and then to Belize in 2014,  But we felt at home in Belize so we will  be working our way back there to make it our home base and traveling from there.

In the mean time …

I will be writing about our trip to 2013 overland trip through Mexico, & areas to live in Mexico, and other great expat locations around the world.  And on living a lifestyle to save money for, or making money, that will allow you to travel, and live the life you love, at home or overseas.

Thanks for joining our journey.