What a great experience at Cabañas en Mexiquillo Durango Mexico

What a great experience at Cabañas en Mexiquillo Durango Mexico

Mexiquillo Durango MexicoCamping at the Cabañas en Mexiquillo Durango, Mexico

We stumbled upon this amazing camping experience literally. We stopped for lunch along the highway and saw this poster on the restaurant’s wall with these amazing waterfalls, and we asked “donde es este?”, “aquí”.  Mexiquillo Cabanas was just down the road.  We followed his directions and ended up on this two-track going back into the woods.  We weren’t sure we were on the right road until suddenly we saw these cabins.  I asked how much to camp, it was just 100 pesos, “per night?”, “No, total”.  They said to follow the road out past the cabins and camp anywhere.  O.k.,  we headed down the road that quickly became a trail and when we came to a place where there were some other cars, we stopped to see what was there.

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Waterfalls, trails, climbing, hiking

The first waterfall, on the poster it showed this nice flowing waterfall, well during the dry season, it spits, not flows.  There were some nice trails and a zip-line by the waterfall, and lots of other people.  We hiked for a couple of hours enjoying the wonderful views.

We found many other waterfalls, or places that would be waterfalls with more rain, but the vistas were still great.  We hiked many of the trails here, but they are not marked, and there is no map, so be sure not to get lost.  Some of the trails are from an old train railway and it is so cool walking through the train tunnels in the mountains.  It was also cool to climb on these awesome rock formations.  They didn’t really require much climbing skill, but it still felt like an accomplishment to look down from the tops of them.  We met people from Canada, the U.S., and from all over Mexico on the trails.  Some were just there for the day, others were camping out as well.


We then headed further down the trails, to another area where there were some amazing rock formations, that were fun to climb on. We saw some other people finding places to camp within the trees, and rocks so we found an out-of-the-way place close to an out-house to camp.   Not the smartest move on our part, the out-house turned out to be over full and a mess.  Good thing we had our own back up.  In the morning we were woken up by quads and motorcycles running the trails close to our campsite.  It is a great place to ride but we were looking for a little more peace and quite so we moved our campsite further down one of the many trails, so it was out of the way of riders.   We liked our new spot and stayed there for 3 days, before we decided we had to continue our trip to Mazatlan.  But be aware there are no real facilities for camping here.  The cabins did have all the amenities and looked awesome.


We swam in the rivers and in the beautiful ponds.  It was still a little cold for us in March, but I’m sure they would be a great place to cool off in the Summer.  Watch out for sharp rocks, and don’t jump into the water.  The memorial by the pond, showed what could happen if you do.

For more information on the Cabins at Mexiquillo visit their website at: http://www.mexiquillodurango.com.mx

Photos at the Cabañas en Mexiquillo



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