Corozal Belize Carnival Parade 2014

Carnival Parade 2014

The carnival parade in Corozal Belize was a unique experience.  I have never been to a carnival parade before.  It was very loud, and full of energy.  I saw a cow giving out cheese, BIC throwing out school supplies, and one float passing out beer, and what might be margaritas.  Mmmm, food and drinks, my kind of parade.  I only wish I had been near the front of the parade route.  By the time the parade reached me, a little over half the route through, a lot of the dancers were resting in the floats, or to tired to dance.  I can only imagine how hard it must be to dance in the mid-day heat.  I had a great time.

Photos of the Corozal Carnival Parade 2014


Videos of the Carnival Parade in Corozal

The Corozal Independence Day Fireworks 2014

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