The crazy things I’ve heard in Belize 2

Some more “Crazy” things I’ve heard in Belize


Belize FlagThe Government and the courts

“The computer is down”

The entire treasure office in Corozal is run off of one computer system, and if it is down so is the office.

“Mommy!  There is someone here at the window.”

Imagine going to the county clerks office and hearing this.  Yes, it could happen on bring your kids to work day.  It really hit home how laid back and small town feel the  government here really is.  It is very nice in a lot of ways, like they remember me and have even said hi to me on the street, and a little frustrating now and then.

“Belize is “Enter at your own risk”, if you fall, trip, or are bitten by a dog, etc… you are going to have to take matters into your own hands, not to the courts.”  

Personal responsibility. Yes, the sidewalks are more like an obstacle course than a smooth stroll, so watch your step.  Be careful, and be considerate to others.

“Even if you win a court case, there is no real way for Belize to enforce the court order within Belize, let alone overseas somewhere.”

Belize is a small country with the power of a small country.  They don’t have the manpower or clout to enforce things overseas period.

Within Belize it is also a manpower issue, Belize doesn’t have the tax base to have a large enough government to “get things done” and if they raised the taxes or did away with the awesome tax incentives for expats, they wouldn’t be a top 10 country for retiring overseas.

Family - The FlinstonesFamily

“You can have more than one wife down here. You only have to support the first or second and the rest don’t even worry about.”

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This I had to investigate.  It turns out it is because divorce is frowned upon, and the divorce rate is 10% of what it is in the U.S.   What that means is instead of a divorce they just separate.  So instead of a guy having ex-wives, they have a first, second, etc…

“Fights around here often involve machetes.”

Said by a Belizean friend as he pointed toward his wife.  I know he was joking, but he does have that one scare. 😉

US, China, and India GDPThe Economy

“The Chinese are coming!”

Apparently it is widely known around the world that China is about to kick the U.S.’s butt economically.  They are throwing cash, and their weight around in many areas of the world including Belize.  They are right.  The Chinese GDP is expected to become more than the U.S. in 2015-2020, depending on the figures you look at.  But soon at any rate.

In Belize it shows, as Chinese is now taught in some school, along with English, and sometimes French.  Ah, French the language heard around the world.  Spanish or kriol is often learned at home, or from neighbors, etc….   So a child in Belize may speak 3 to 4 languages, have a fairly good education, with the skills and hustle to make it anywhere in the world where there is opportunity.  In the future that may be China, or India, where in the past it was the usually U.S.

“I can do … for you”

If you want something done, ask anyone, they will be able to do it or they will know someone who can do it for you.  Wages are so low and so many people are just trying to get by that everyone seems to know how to hustle.  Odd jobs, two and three jobs, etc…  The guy that mowed our grass is also a customs agent.  He needs more money to support his family, and the other options he has didn’t sit well with him, so he cuts grass, and does other odd jobs on the side.  Good for him, it would have been much, much easier, and more rewarding to take a few bills to look the other way, now and again on his “real job”.

“The U.S. is awesome!”

For the most part I agree.  But I have heard as many un-realistic expectations about the U.S. here, as I hear about Belize from people who have only visited Belize on vacation.  By the way the U.S. is awesome, and Belize is also awesome!

Lalita at the playgroundMore crazy stuff our Daughter says.

“Daddy, a FROG!”

As she runs screaming,  only two weeks ago she would have been chasing it to grab it.  But my wife doesn’t like frogs, and after seeing me chase a couple down and get them out of the house.  She is now afraid of them.    I like having our doors open, to go in and out of the house all day, but it does let in a few critters now and then.

“Are you crying?  It’s o.k.”

Are daughter says this every time the next door neighbors dog starts barking.  Oh if only it was so easy.


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