Hiking in the Comden Towle Model Forest Montcalm County Michigan

Comden Towle Model Forest
Comden Towle Model Forest

The Comden Towle Model Forest

I was looking for a photo to post and came across an old folder full of pics and old memories of the model forest and I thought I would share them.  You may not have a model forest near your home but I bet you can find some place to take a nice walk through the woods, so go enjoy this life.

Memories of walks in the woods

My family had a great habit of going for a walk in the woods,  sometimes our own woods, sometimes Michigan State land, and once in a while to this great little model forest.

I took my kids there many times to spend a wonderful afternoon walking in the woods.  My kids liked the walks, and enjoyed playing checkers too.

I went there many times for solo hikes there for the peace and quite, so I could clear my head.  Sitting by the pond or watching the deer in the field always helped calm my mind down.

I took my wife (at the time future wife) on a date there, walking hand in hand down the trails.  I hid flowers along the trail, and we did a scavenger hunt and had a picnic lunch.

The Comden Towle Model Forest Montcalm County Michigan was and I hope will be a big part of our lives for many years.

For more information contact:

Comden Towle Model Forest

Montcalm Conservation District
77 S. State St.
Stanton MI 48888
Phone: 989-831-4212


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