Mothers of Belize

Mothers of  Belize in Corozal

I feel these statues are a great tribute to a mother’s love for her children.  And a countries love and respect for mothers.  It shows by the care the park receives, it was sporting a fresh coat of paint, and well maintained.

In Corozal

Mothers of Belize Statue in Corozal
Mothers of Belize Statue Corozal Belize

When we first saw this statue my wife said “Well there’s something you won’t see in the States”.  She was thinking about the looks we got when she was breastfeeding in public (with a feeding blanket).  It seems that even though it is the best thing for your children, and mother.  People just felt really uncomfortable around you.  Like you were imposing on them or something.   Get over it.  Support caring, mothers, and families.

The plaque on the statue only says:

Mothers of Belize Statue Plaque

In English roughly “Park, Petrona Novelo Schofield, inaugurated on 10th of May 1960, May, Mayor Sr. Santiago Ricalde Moguel”.

The mural says:

Mothers of Belize Mural in Corozal

In English

“God did not promise, Days without pain, Laughter without sorrow, Sun without rain

God did promise, Strength for the day, Comfort for the tears, and light for the way

God also promised, His love for those who, Believe in His, Eternal Kingdom”

Those are some great words and inspiration for not only mothers, but for all of us.

In Orange Walk

Mothers statue in Orange Walk town
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