Our new life in Belize

Our new life in Belize

We came to Belize to look for a place to retire

We were just going to see if this was the country for us to retire to in 15 years or so.  Well we love it so much, we decided we can’t wait 15 years.  We expected to find a gorgeous country, plenty to do, a low cost of living, and friendly people, but we didn’t expect to not want to go back to the States.

We have had a lot of adventures, misadventures, and just plan fun here.  We love the weather, the people, the community.   When I ride my bike along the shore and feel the sea breeze on my face, I can’t help but think, this is awesome.  In Michigan, Texas, Florida, Mexico, or any of the other places I have been, I also had those days, those moments, but in Belize, I have them twice as much.  Sure there are days that just go wrong, or something about Belize just frustrates me, but I also have a lot less days here where I am frustrated, moody, or depressed.  I’m not sure if is the sunny weather, the no worries attitude, or the friendly smiles, but what ever it is I like it.

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Our first month in Belize

We visited ancient Maya ruins, swam in the Caribbean, explored Corozal, and Orange Walk, and a lot more.

We got settled into our new home, made new friends, bought a bike, went on lots of bike trips, eat some great food.  Played on the swings, slides, animals, and teeter totters at most of the parks and playgrounds scattered around town.

We did a lot but, mostly we were just learning to live in, and adjust to awesome Belize.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I talk to much, so.

Our first month in Belize in photos


Life is good for us here in Belize.  I will make photo galleries of important events from now on but I wanted you to get an idea of our first month in Belize.