Best 10 places to live in Belize

Best 10 places to live in Belize

Are you looking for the best place to live in Belize?

Well I did a lot of research before deciding on Corozal in Northern Belize.  There are so many great places around this small but gorgeous country.  I looked at a number of things to create this list including, cost of living, crime, infrastructure, friendliness, medical facilities, volunteer opportunities, expat community, activities available, natural beauty, and ease of access.

My 10 best places to live in Belize are:

living in Belize on Ambergris Caye#1  Ambergris Caye

Named #1 island in the world for 2 years.  Has a lot to offer expats with a thriving expat community, and many local shops, services, etc… catering to expats.  There are a lot of things to do, there is a thriving social scene, and despite some recent bad press, the crime rate overall is pretty low.  Beaches, fun, sun, you can’t go wrong.  The major drawbacks are a higher cost of living, ease of access, and lack of advanced medical facilities.

Live in Corozal Belize to see this gorgeous seaside every day.#2 Corozal

Named one of the top 10 places to retire in the world by AARP.  This small town has a lot going for it, but mostly location, location, location.  It is only 9 miles to Mexico where you can get every modern convenience your heart desires, and because of it’s low cost of living, some say the lowest in Belize, it is very affordable.  There is an active expat community and lots of volunteer opportunities.  It’s drawbacks are, no beaches, the bay water is not clear, and not a lot of local activities to do.

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Living on Caye Caulker Belize can be the life of your dreams.#3 Caye Caulker

Another great island location that is smaller, quieter, and less expensive than Ambergris Caye.  It still has a decent sized expat population, has a lower crime rate, and a more laid back, slower pace.  It’s drawbacks are the still higher than mainland cost of living, ease of access, and lack of medical facilities.

live the good life at Placencia Belize#4 Placencia

Best beaches on the mainland of Belize.  The island lifestyle without the island.  Plenty of dive shops, coffee shops, and little shops.  There is a large and involved expat community here.  The major drawbacks are higher cost of living, sandflys, and twice as much rain as Corozal.

Macal River in San Ignacio is just one of the many adventures you will have living in Belize#5 San Ignacio

Mountains, waterfalls, caves, rain forest, Maya ruins, and more.  Cooler temperatures, and a good expat community.  Decent cost of living, and lots, and lots, or outdoor activities to do.  It’s drawbacks are no ocean, a little higher crime rate in the Cayo district as a whole.

Hopkins Belize, Living at the beach is the life.#6 Hopkins

This small village has more expats moving to it each year.  It is the center of Garifuna culture in Belize, and there are some decent beaches, access to fishing, snorkeling and diving.  Low crime rate, and a relaxed pace make this a good choice.  The major drawbacks are not a large expat community yet, and only a few buses run to this small community.

Punta Gorda Belize, Still making a living fishing the old fashioned way, with hard work.#7 Punta Gorda

Beautiful, unspoiled, low cost of living, good access, low crime, and a few expats moving into the area.  It’s drawbacks are not a lot to do, mostly mangrove coast, and rainy up to three times more rain than Corozal.

Live the high life in Consejo Belize#8 Consejo

Just north of 7 miles north of Corozal there are a number of newer and a few older expat communities.  The town itself only has one store, and really no beach, but the real action is at the expat communities with good facilities, and good beaches.  Mexico is just across the bay and a water taxi goes between mexico and Consejo.  The major drawbacks are the road from Consejo to Corozal is often bad or flooded during the rainy season, and it is very isolated from shopping, and most real Belizeans.

Living in rural Belize is so relaxing.#9 Rural Belize

Not really a place but a decision – If you want to live off the grid with some privacy, low crime and high freedom.  Pick any of the rural areas from the coast to the rain forest.  You can’t go wrong, the price will be right, and you can build a great life for yourself.  This is really the lowest cost of living, as after the land, most people become self-sufficient pretty quickly and have few other expenses.  The drawbacks will be ease of access, no facilities, and no easy access to medical care.

Live in Consejo Shores Belize, just one of the many awesome planned communities in Belize.#10 Gated Belize

Again, not really a destination but many expats want familiar surroundings, familiar faces, the feeling of security that a good fence and a security guard brings.  There are now many, many gated, and planed communities though-out Belize and you can get the sun, and beauty of Belize, while being able to still keep up with the Jones.  The drawbacks of this lifestyle are that you will miss out on a lot of the culture and people of Belize, you will have to follow the rules of the HOA or development, their timeline, and you will pay similar prices to many areas of the United States.

I have checked out a few so far and will keep you informed of what I find.

As you can probably tell I tend to be a free spirit.  I like Belize and Corozal, but I am still looking at all options before we buy.  So far I have checked out Corozal, Consejo, a number of rural communities and properties, and a lot of planed communities in the Corozal district.

I will write some posts and upload photos of some of the places I have visited to help you decide what part of Belize is right for you.

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